The World’s Leading Organizations
and Professionals Trust Us
To Help Them Achieve Their Goals.

The World’s Leading Organizations
and Professionals Trust Us To Help Them Achieve Their Goals.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

From C-Level Business Executives to Mid-Level Managers, if you are a leader,  or aspiring to be one, you should be working with us.

Our best clients know that people are the primary difference makers
in achieving strategic business results.

They want high ROI and real knowledge transfer so their team
can execute on its own once the engagement is over.

Company case studies

Company Case Studies

Customer Success Story

Building a Strategic HR Organization

Achieved results

What Others Say About Our Strategic HR Work

They have helped us to document our HR processes, provide professional HR services to our employees and grow the sophistication of our HR program to match the continued growth of our company.

Vice president of Human Resources

from a Global Manufacturing Company

RG provides valuable expertise in all aspects of HR. Their guidance in restructuring our core departments and job descriptions has enabled us to become a more dynamic, forward-thinking organization.

Vice President of human resources

from a Fortune 1000 Transportation Company

RG are true partners. They guided us through both the operational and strategic aspects of growing globally and at a rapid pace. They took the time to understand our company and our unique way of operating.

chief executive officer

from a Global Oil & Energy Company

Customer Success Story

Creating a Leadership Selection Process

Achieved results

What Others Say About Our Leadership and Talent Work

RG developed and delivered a leadership program for our executives. Since then our company has become more open and inclusive. The level of trust and performance has increased. RG made a significant change in the character of the organization.

Chief Executive Office

from a Healthcare Company

During our time with Rutherford Group, they helped us create a framework and vocabulary to build off of as a team. We gained an understanding of ourselves, our strengths individually and as a team. It has changed the way we work together.


from a Telecommunications Company

We lost a member of our C-Suite unexpectedly. This started a domino effect within our organization, and we struggled as we tried to fill the role. RG helped us hire a new VP, we now have a rock-solid succession plan and we’ll never be in the position we were in before.

Director of Human Resources

from a Hospitality Company

Customer Success Story

Increasing Organizational Performance
in VUCA Environment

Achieved results

What Others Say About Our Org Performance Work

We are in a highly competitive industry and our employee turnover was abysmal. Our bottom line was suffering. We brought in RG and they quickly revealed multiple issues and revamped our engagement and retention talent strategies. We now have a 50% reduction in turnover!

vice president of human resources

from a Global Retail Company

We turned to RG when faced with the task of updating our job descriptions and performance review strategies. We received an excellent set of over 70 job descriptions and a whole new performance management system. They provided invaluable guidance and structure.

Director of human resources

from a Manufacturing Company

RG helped us design a thorough compensation structure for our entire organization and continue to design them for any newly created roles since. They ensured our goals and vision were well understood and provided best-in-class structures that were effective and easily understood.

chief financial officer

from a Large Technology Company

The People & Organizations
We Love To Serve

We work with all organizations who have a hunger for improvement, including Global 1000 to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and start-ups, commercial enterprises, government agencies, associations and non-profits.

We have clients in nearly every industry.

Often, they are looking to build their workforce and leader’s performance or improve leadership and workforce effectiveness.

They may have tried the standard and traditional leadership or HR techniques, or even hired big name consultants.

But they are still missing the kind of clarity, creativity, collaboration, and results that they need.

What Others Say

The best development program that I’ve attended in over 20 years of my career. I can’t imagine where I would be if I had found RG earlier in my career.

Director of Learning

from a Government Agency

I'm a different person, and a different leader because of RG Coaching. They have helped me evolve into a better person and a better CEO.

Chief Executive Officer

from a Global Consumer Goods Company

RG has a gift for making the complex simple and without being simplistic. They brought a unique set of skills to tackle the most integrated challenges.

Chief Executive Office

from a Technology Company

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