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That Grow Your Bottom Line

Trusted by Fortune 100 to Global 1000 Companies.
20+ Years of Leadership and Strategic HR Learning.
25,000+ Participants.

The growth of your company relies on the strategic development of your people.

That’s why Rutherford Group offers results-driven Leadership and Strategic HR development programs designed to grow professionals at all levels of their career.

We have proven processes to help you create a culture of highly productive, engaged, and efficient employees to achieve your company’s key objectives.

Here’s What You Can Expect from
Our World Class Training and
Development Programs:

The Gold Standard in Assessments to Better Understand Your Workforce Practical, Real-World Training to Equip Your Team with the Skills to Thrive Lasting Benefits That Continue Long After Training Custom-Developed Solutions to Help You Achieve Your Personal and Organizational

Development and Assessment
Planning Services

Are you making the right investments in building your leaders? RG’s Development Assessment and Planning services enlighten leaders to their real development opportunities. Our development planning guide helps provide them with the right education, experience, exposure, and environmental solutions to better align and accelerate their performance.

We offer two types of assessments for development that can serve as a starting point for individual development planning. Equally, they can be combined with other development efforts to build a deeper awareness of strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment for Development

The Comprehensive Assessment for Development provides important development feedback, including strengths to leverage, behaviors to avoid, and skills to develop, as well as an action plan for individual Development.

Our approach is comprehensive and rigorous because leaders are the lifeblood of an organization. We use multiple testing and personality inventories, work-style interviews, and business simulation exercises to assess management and executive style and skills at all levels of the talent pipeline.

Assessment for Talent Development

The Behavioral Assessment for Development is a powerful yet cost-effective tool for investing in your high performers, those in pivotal or critical roles, and leaders with “blind spots” in their capabilities. It helps both leaders in the middle of the organization and individual contributors grow and succeed in current and future roles.

It is a streamlined, virtual process that provides a basic development summary with a targeted Individual Action Plan. It serves as a good starting point for introducing development planning into the organization.

Build Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

With Our World-Class Development Programs

Development Focused on the
Two Biggest Drivers of Your Workforce:

Leadership and Talent

Our custom designed leadership development programs
will help your leaders and their teams:

Our leadership development programs consistently help leaders make better, quicker, and more aligned decisions for the business’s bottom line and overall impact.

Each leadership development program we design is focused on helping leaders and their teams expand their capabilities, develop mastery in their domain, and tap into the mindset required for innovation, execution, and long-term organizational results.

The Leadership Academy

RG’s Leadership Academy is specifically designed to accelerate the development of all the leaders in your organization to help improve overall business results, in both the short-term and long-term.

Our programs are tailored to the personal, professional, and company needs.

Strategic HR

Our custom designed strategic HR development programs
will help your leaders and their teams:

Our strategic HR development programs consistently help leaders and teams achieve their true potential so they can impact the organization’s growth and profitability.

Each strategic HR development program we design focuses on broadening knowledge and improving skills in the key functions of HR and its effectiveness in the organization.

The Strategic HR Academy

RG’s Strategic HR Academy is designed to develop the necessary skills, mindset, and decision-making capacity to grow the impact of the HR professionals in your company.

Use Our Unique Approach to
Build Organizational Capabilities

We approach learning differently than most by focusing on learning and development in the flow of work.

From our 5E development framework to customized learning paths to integrated microlearning, we deliver learning experiences that produce exceptional results.

All of our development and training programs are designed to achieve a Double ROI – Return on Individual and Return on Investment.

The Rutherford Group’s Learnings Paths

Guided Learning.  Fast Delivery.  Exceptional Results.

Why we use Learning Paths:

A Learning Path is a selection of courses tied together for learners to progress through, mastering a particular subject or program. You can enroll multiple users in multiple courses on our platform which saves you time and resources.

Learning Path benefits include:

Guided Learner-Driven Journey


Sequenced Learning

During Sequenced Learning Paths, the learner is taken through a Path that contains a number of courses in a particular order. After each course is completed by the learner, the next one opens up. This path offers easeful and sequential learning.

The admin has the power to grant access to the next course immediately or a set wait period can be implemented. For every Sequenced Learning Path, the learner must go through all courses in order for the path to be completed.


Learner Choice

The Learner Choice is your more flexible option for a learning path. In this case, the learner has to complete a certain number of courses available within their own designated timeframe.

As an example, there may be one objective where the learner is given 6 courses to choose from, but he or she only needs to go through three in order to complete the goal. The learners will get to pick the three they want to do and the order in which they want to take them.

The learner choice approach allows greater personalization and specification for your path.

Through either learning path experience, you will get:

Microlearning Brings Macro Results

A key part of how we are different is our broad use of microlearning. Our development 
framework goes way beyond the norm and uses a combination of nine different microlearning 
strategies and techniques. Why so many? Simple. Everyone learns differently.

All of our training is designed with microlearning in mind. Everyone is busy. And time is very precious.

In fact, research shows most employees have less than 30 minutes per week to focus on training of any kind. That requires learning and content are flexible.

Microlearning allows learners to select and use training content most suited to their current needs on whatever device they choose. Training can be taken in small chunks between job duties, allowing learners to apply what they’ve learned immediately. Learners can consume only the content or modules that are relevant to their jobs and avoid those that don’t apply.

The learner-driven nature of microlearning maximizes learning flexibility, efficiency, effectiveness and engagement outcomes.

Our clients, big and small, have seen great results from embracing our micro training content. They love the quick and high impact results it provides in all kinds of corporate training scenarios. Most importantly, they see the difference in employee growth and performance.

TypeS of Microlearning We Use








Social media

Support tools

Our 5E Learning and Development Approach


Whole person approach to individual capability development uses multiple assessments and measurement methods to identify blind spots and gaps.


All learning programs tied to five-level Strategic Training Needs Analysis.


Rotational programs in adjacent functions and roles.


Formal or informal programs that leverage coaches, mentors and/or advisors.


Education, experience, and exposure support strategy and context of the role.

Our Five Delivery Models

Whether you’re seeking the right professional training as an individual, or scheduling training for your organization, we understand the challenges of fitting coursework into a busy schedule. We offer several convenient delivery options including self-paced, instructor-led, blended learning, and private team training.

Live Online
In Class
On Demand

Live Online Training

Anytime, Anywhere Education

Gain all the advantages of our training and development programs from the comfort of your own home or office. Experience the same depth of training and real time interaction from our instructors without the hassle of travel. Every course can be accessed with your tablet, smartphone, or laptop computer.

In Class

In Depth.  In Person. 
Individualized Experiences.

Our in-class training is offered in multiple locations globally, including Asia, North America, The Middle East and Europe.  Our classrooms provide a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for engagement, learning, and positive outcomes.

On Demand Training

Learn what you want. 
When you want.

We understand that even the top two performers learn differently depending on style and bandwidth.  That’s why our training can be digested at everyone’s individual pace through on demand learning. Through our training, you will have the ability to pause, restart, and review every training material.

Blended Learning

Multiple Learning Styles. 
One Desirable Result.

Blended learning combines the perks of self-paced training with the higher touch accountability of in-person instruction. You will gain the benefits of live training and on demand training including games, papers, assessments, and videos.

Private On-Site

We Visit Your Business.

We come to your location and do all of the heavy lifting in a way that best suits your schedule and your team.  This approach will reduce costs by eliminating travel expenses, provide your team with hands-on, actionable experience, and improve team camaraderie and collaboration.

Trusted Training by Fortune 100 and Global 1000
Companies for Over 20 Years

Our commitment is to create world class learning experiences, provide practical hands-on experience that can be immediately applied on the job, and strengthen team collaboration with real-world scenarios tailored to your specific challenges.

Develop Your Workforce Today

The Gold Standard in Assessments
to Better Understand Your Workforce

Measuring the right areas in your business is what leads you to achieving the right results.

We utilize a unique and proven battery of surveys and assessments to pin-point specific areas of opportunity and improvement.

These assessments will provide a unique lens into your most pressing team and
HR challenges.

This information will guide your talent and people to become more effective leaders that are able to consistently meet and achieve their goals.

The end result maximizes the potential and performance of each team member you hire and work with.

Practical, Real-World Training to Equip
Your Team with the Skills to Thrive

All our training is designed for real-life application. This supports your business in achieving both your short-term and long-term business objectives. Our leadership training and development programs will transform your current talent into high-impact organizational leaders that consistently grow your bottom line.

Custom-Developed Solutions to
Help You Achieve Your Personal and Organizational Goals

Our leadership training and development programs lead to lasting and sustainable, long- term change. We provide one-on-one coaching follow up for each participant after the initial training to ensure that new skillsets stick. Our leadership development programs help you gain the skills to lead and champion change in both industry and team attitudes, as well as long-term practices centered around talent, leadership and business strategy.

You will also acquire recognized certificates and credentials to elevate your professional education.

Lasting Benefits That
Continue Long After Training

Our experienced team of former VPs of HR, CHROs, and General Managers will create a customized organizational development plan for you and your company. This is designed based on your unique goals and specific company-wide objectives. Over the last 30 years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of global corporate professionals meet various objectives and overcome some of the toughest challenges that stood in the way We offer unique and personalized development options for Entry, Mid, Senior, and Executive Levels.

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