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Advancement and Leadership Potential Report

The Advancement and Leadership Potential Report (ALPR) is RG’s proprietary assessment for comprehensively understanding career capabilities, skills, and abilities. It turns individual insights into collective action.

Making the right decisions around talent is a balancing act between art and science. Going beyond “gut instinct” and using the power of assessment science, companies can significantly mitigate their talent risk.

Knowing an individual’s depth of knowledge, skill level, leadership potential, development needs, cognitive ability, personality style, and leadership behaviors is critical for organizational success.

Use the ALPR to Uncover Deep Insights into Nine Talent Challenges


Offers critical insights into candidates potential and job fit, spotlighting strengths and potential weaknesses for their career advancement.


Understanding the behaviors, personality, and workstyle of new hires and their respective teams can help them quickly assimilate.


Pinpoints contexts in which an individual's leadership style is likely to make their performance effective or ineffective.


Provides a nine-box talent management worksheet to aid in identifying top talent and what to do to prepare people for future roles.


Identifies high potential and high performance talent for targeted retention strategies.


Identifies cognitive, behavioral, personality and advancement traits of future high potential leaders.


Identifies and cultivates employees who possess qualities that make them qualified for expanded and new job roles.

LEADERSHIP Development

Identifies potential strengths and limitations of behaviors and can be used to address areas of improvement.

Talent Development

Identifies the gaps in workstyle, strengths and weaknesses of managers, employees, and job applicants for development.
Unleash Potential. Accelerate Leadership. Optimize Talent. Drive Performance.
One of the biggest leadership challenges that organizations face is trying to determine what talent already exists and which employees have the potential to be effective in larger roles.

It is critical to distinguish between accurately assessing specific variables and making predictions about future behavior and performance.

Your assessment process needs to effectively do both. That’s the challenge we address.

The ALPR is a core tool we employ in a number of our stand-alone engagements or as part of larger leadership and talent initiatives.

Specifically, we use the ALPR to help companies identify and solve complex leadership, talent, and performance challenges.

Beyond individual insights, it provides the company with a deep understanding of nine critical talent management areas.

Answers to Questions Every CEO and
CHRO Wants to About Their Workforce

Talent is not everything, but almost

Most successful CEO’s and CHROs know that the quality of the workforce determines the quality of the organization’s results.

The ALPR was designed to help companies answer key talent questions. It helps organizations identify individuals early in their careers who have the potential to be effective leaders in the future.

Our ALPR algorithmic models lead to evidence-based predictions of leadership potential. They aid the organization in deploying a more targeted investment strategy for talent development, learning, and retention.

The predictive capability of the ALPR provides critical feedback for both the individual and the organization.

For the individual, feedback on the 10x leadership dimensions provides information on where the individual’s development focus should be.

For the organization, the feedback helps prioritize investing in talent that has the highest likelihood of progressing to the senior ranks.

You will be able to answer these talent questions about your workforce:

Improve Productivity by Developing
Leaders at All Levels With Assessment
And Coaching Tools

We find the hidden correlations that predict leadership in your organization, and we rate employees based on their overall leadership potential. This lets you make decisions based on what’s really worked in your organization, rather than on gut instinct.

The insights gleaned through the ALPR can help identify what an employee is capable of and direct new strategies to help them reach their full potential.

The inclusion of individual development priorities within the final report ensures a tangible ROI on the assessment regardless of whether the person moves into a leadership role or not.

Our ALPR Assessment Services Are
Part of a Bigger Picture

Our Advancement and Leadership Potential assessment services complement other RG services in development and coaching. The 10x Leadership competencies are the language of potential and how individual, manager, senior leaders talk about talent in a pipeline and succession context.

That is why the ALPR assessment is embedded within our 10x Leadership Competency Model. It defines what it takes to go from being a good leader to being a great leader. The two combined form the foundation of our Leadership Academy and talent management practices.

The 10x Leadership Competency Model Structure and Design

Using the data from the ALPR, we measure an individual’s depth of knowledge, skill level, leadership potential, development needs, cognitive ability, personality style, and leadership behaviors.

These factors are then compared with our five leadership competency clusters and 46 specific competencies.

Leveraging our proprietary algorithms we map where individuals are now and create the best learning path to where the organization needs them to be.

Each competency cluster/pillar includes a series of competencies that are relevant to all levels of leadership. Further, every competency in this model includes key behaviors that make up the competency.

The Model’s competencies are grounded by the need for ethics, integrity, professionalism and
includes a commitment to continuously acquire new skills and knowledge.

Management Analytical Interpersonal Leadership Self Management 10

Self Management

Self-Management Skills enable leaders to collect, store, process and analyze information to be shared with various stakeholders. These include the preparation and dissemination of external and internal reports per the professional accounting standards.


Leadership skills are broken out into various levels. We focus on three types of leadership – peer, functional and strategic. All employees can be leaders; a title does not define someone who is a leader.


Management skills focus on setting, measuring and achieving goals. This is done through planning, organizing, directing and controlling situations to reach or exceed their objectives.


Interpersonal skills, particularly in communication,are used to influence the decisions, actionsand behaviors of decision-makers and others throughout the organization and various stakeholders.


Analytical skills enable leadersto use their knowledge of the business and its environment to transform data into insight that enables organizations to evaluate their strategic positioning, the alignment of their business to their strategies, their performance and opportunities for the future.

The Steps and Insights That Make Up The ALPR

Conduct the Assessment

Perform analysis of the individual’s competencies and workstyles results.

Organizational Gap Analysis

Conduct analysis of ALPR results to determine strengths and development gaps for individuals, teams, departments, and the organization

Talent Assessment Insights

Review and interpret multiple report findings that provide a comprehensive 360 perspective of organizational talent.

Action Planning

Create focused development action plans to address gaps for individuals, teams, departments, and the organization.

Advancement and Leadership Potential Report






Insights For Talent Strategies

Leadership Style
Cognitive Ability
9-Box Matrix
Work Styles
Leadership Potential Ranking
Personality/ Fit
Leadership Behaviors
Leadership Behavioral Potential
Overall Leadership Potential

9-Box Matrix

Nine-Box Talent Management matrix shows two dimensions: Potential and Performance.

Each of these dimensions is divided into thirds, yielding nine boxes.

The assessed individual’s score on Potential is combined with Managerial review of Performance for succession management and development.

Cognitive Abiltity

Assesses the reasoning skills related to career growth and professional advancement.

This includes: the degree to which the individual learns new concepts, solves problems, and spots trends in an accurate and efficient manner.

Specifically, Cognitive Ability measures a person’s Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning. Mental capacity considered to be the greatest predictor of future potential.

Leadership Style

Leadership Style is expressed as an individual’s primary, or most natural style.

It does not prescribe the way they behave in all leadership situations.

Leadership styles are plotted on a graph and each quadrant is “typical” for a combination of people and task/results orientations.

In situations where they have to react quickly, they will likely rely on their primary style.

Work Styles

This test takes just 6 clicks to complete.

The assessment report provides a close look at individuals’ personal style and type.

The report shows a person’s communication and motivational style preferences and recommendations for how the person can be more effective in dealing with people at work and beyond.

Development instructions include How to Best Communicate, Influence the Subject, and How to Coach the Subject to Communicate and Influence Others.

Leadership Potential Ranking

Two scores are used to determine leadership potential- A cognitive ability score and a leadership behavioral potential score.

Results are segmented into four leadership potential types: Moderate, Raw, Adaptive, and High.


Assess behaviors that relate to leadership potential for professional growth and career advancement.

This includes: demonstrating behaviors that relate to consistently growing the breadth of one’s career-related capabilities; taking on higher level responsibilities; showing motivation for advancing into future roles with increased responsibilities; and showing commitment to life-long growth and learning.

Leadership Behaviors

Four broad dimensions are assessed:

  1. Interpersonal Versatility – an individual’s style in taking charge and influencing groups;
  2. Thinking Versatility – an individual’s style in analyzing and adapting to changing situations;
  3. Results Versatility – an individual’s style in taking initiative and working to achieve goals, and
  4. Emotional Versatility – an individual’s style for handling stress and confidence.

Leadership Behavioral Potential

The Leadership Competencies assessment measures 21 key leadership competencies that derive from the Big Five personality dimensions.

Combining Leadership Competencies with measures of cognitive ability delivers the most powerful, comprehensive assessment of talent capability available anywhere.

Overall Leadership Potential

Based on a combination of the cognitive ability score and Leadership Behavioral Potential Score.

It provides insight regarding the individual’s propensity to advance in their career.

Our Clients
Say It Best…

The ALPR helped us immediately identify our high potential talent.  We were able to draft development plans for them and have started training and coaching initiatives. 

Chief OPerating Officer

of a Fortune 100 Tech Company

Within four months we saw incredible improvement in our quality of hire and employee productivity metrics, and others. Rutherford Group is a true partner to us.

Vice President of HR

of a Global Insurance Provider

We now have a clear development plan and success path for our high potential employees and more confidence in our current and future workforce.

VP of Learning & Development

of a Government Agency

Including the ALPR in our talent management processes has helped us in many ways. From pre-hire assessment to onboarding, development, and succession planning.

Vice president of HR

of a Oil & Energy Company

Rutherford Group cares about us as a company. They have guided us through turning the data from the ALPR into real-world results that improve our bottom line.

VP of Human Capital

of a Global Financial Services Company

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