Building a Leadership Advantage Starts Here

We’re not your typical coaching company

For more than 20 years, we have partnered with organizations and individuals to grow their leadership capabilities, identify and develop new and emerging leaders and increase organizational effectiveness.

More transparent than many coaching programs, we focus on the strategic agenda that advances company performance.

The RG coaching framework focuses on the development and application of practical, behavioral changes that lead to greater personal awareness, improved capability, and stronger business results.

Actionable assessments, tools, resources, support, and metrics are used to reinforce behavior change and accelerate on-the-job performance.

This ensures individuals, teams and groups, and organizations develop the mindset, skillset, and toolset to achieve measurable leadership growth.

We incorporate stake holder feedback, align leaders with strategic objectives, hold them accountable for their development, and measure progress throughout the program.

It’s about building leadership capability and improving how a leader functions at work. Producing business impact is what we do best.

For Over 20 Years We Have Coached Leaders In Fortune 500 and Global 1000 Companies Across All Industries Including Government Agencies and Non-profits.

Who We Coach

We always define our success by your results

RG provides a complete portfolio of coaching services, addressing different needs at different levels of the leadership pipeline.

Our results-based focus ensures double ROI: Return on Investment and Return on Individuals.

We work with Executives, teams, groups, and/or the entire organization to align leadership behaviors with business needs.

All programs can be tailored to each leader’s particular situation.


Leadership as a
way of being, not a
job title.

  • We believe that business thrives when its people improve.
  • Executive coaching solutions are designed to work one-on-one with CEOs, C-Suite, Senior Leaders, Managers, and high potential employees.
  • Coaches work with individuals to create a customized goal-focused journey.
  • They help them identify key strengths and developmental goals, overcome personal obstacles, and improve their leadership effectiveness.
  • The entire executive coaching experience is structured to bring about leadership growth and performance improvement for the individual and company.


The power of the individual is never as great as the power of the team.

  • Team coaching solutions are designed for teams of 5-20 that want to improve their alignment, communication, coordination, cohesion, and effectiveness of teams.
  • Our programs help individuals within the same team work more efficiently and effectively to boost team performance and unlocks a group’s potential and enhances collective intelligence.
  • They help teams establish a compelling vision and strategy, articulate its values and mission, and translate them into shared practices, goals, and priorities.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together as a group.

  • Group coaching solutions are designed for groups of 20-150+ individuals that may or not work together.
  • However, they all share the same goals and a common competency that they want to develop. It leverages peer learning and builds collective wisdom of the group.
  • This approach builds on the experiences of the group to deconstruct, discuss, and develop skills more effectively around a common theme.
  • This peer learning is often as important as interaction with the coach.
  • Groups may include cross-functional teams, a group of new managers, women leaders, or a follow-up program to leadership training.

We pride ourselves in producing impactful
results for every leader we coach.

Here are the results our leadership coaching delivers:


of our clients see a dramatic improvement in their personal performance and leadership effectiveness


of our clients see a significant improvement in their HR team results


of our clients get a big promotion or pay raise within 18 months or less.

I'm a different person, and a different leader because of RG Coaching. They have helped me evolve into a better person and a better CEO.

chief executive officer

of a Global Consumer Goods Company

The Team Coaching program changed us in many ways. We not only communicate better and trust each other more, but we also have less conflict and are more productive.

vp of talent acquisition

of an Automotive Company

Wow. RG really followed through. After taking training courses to learn new skills I was able to actually implement new strategies using them with the help of the group coaching program.

director of hR

of a Global Hospitality Company

The Most Common Development
Areas for Coaching




Absence of trust

Communication skills

Dealing with conflict

Avoidance of accountability

Listening skills

Lack of focus or results

Commitment and follow through

Playing favorites

Inattention of results

Team dynamics

Strategic leadership and
management skills

Business and talent analytics

Strategic thinking

Executive presence

Negotiation strategies and skills

Business case development

Getting C-Suite buy-in

HR strategy and development

Business and HR integration

Strategic workforce planning




Our 3E Results-Based Coaching
Enlighten, Engage, and Empower® Framework

Even after twenty plus years of coaching executives, teams, and groups, we still begin each engagement the same way, with every client.

We start from zero. No assumptions and no pre-conceived notions.

The RG results-based coaching framework is a simple methodology that is neither time consuming nor difficult to understand.

The method is based upon years of working with successful leaders who are willing to do what it takes to become even better leaders in their future.

Without question, anyone who follows the 3E framework will improve their leadership effectiveness.