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As a consultant and speaker, I log well over 100,000 airline miles a year traveling the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and China. Other road warriors speak of the travel with disdain; for me, it is my library in the sky.

Reading is my opportunity to “sharpen the saw” and continue my own personal growth.

All of this “air time” allows me to read 2 – 3 books every week, sometimes more depending on my schedule. I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you, that I believe reading is the single best opportunity to keep pace with the rapidity of change that is occurring in the world today.

Leaders are Readers

If you are a leader who wants to achieve more success at work as well as at home, you need to read more. Why?   Because leaders are readers. 

Take away: 

Always be learning.

If you take the time to research it you’ll find that most great leaders have one habit in common: They read. A lot.

Think of a book as having a personal mentor right next to you pouring everything, they have learned into you.

Bill Gates reads a book a week.  Mark Cuban reads 3 hours a day.  Elon Musk learned how to build rockets, which led to SpaceX, by reading books. Winston Churchill won a Nobel Prize in Literature, not Peace.  And, 88% of Millionaires read for self-improvement 30 minutes every day.

Great leaders know that if you want to lead,
you simply must read.

We Read Hundreds of Books a Year.
But Only Reccomend the
Best of the Best

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We begin with a focus on a specific book. I’ll share what I liked, what I didn’t, and how to apply the learning into your daily work. We end with a group discussion.

Our Book Reviews &
Recommendations Guide

Cut out the guesswork. Search our list of Top 250 book recommendations hand-picked by topic. Zero-in on the best books for your needs.

Community Book Reviews

Have you read a book that you love and think others will too? We want to know what you recommend! We encourage you to rate the books in my library. Plus, share your own suggestions with the community.

Exclusive Book Club
Community Group

We’re here to learn from each other. Our diverse community includes global members in different roles at various levels. But, everyone has one thing in common: A passion for reading and learning.

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You’ll have exclusive access to content from book authors and other special guests. We’ll also surprise you with special videos and interviews.

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Too Many Books,
Not Enough Time

A little-known fact: Over 1.5 million books are published every year. Nearly 300,000 are from the US alone. Not all will be best sellers and most won’t be what you expect. But I believe there is always a “pearl or nugget” of wisdom you can find and apply.

That’s why I wanted to start a Book Club.

There are so many books but so little time. Yet the power of learning can be accelerated if others are willing to share as well.

If you enjoy reading and learning as much as I do then you’ll love our Book Club. We share knowledge and ideas. We grow together as a community.

My goal is to help you stay relevant.

I will provide my best book recommendations that will challenge your thinking, shape your life, and inspire you to act even long after you have finished them.

Variety is the Spice of Life The Same is True for Books

Don’t expect books only about HR and talent management. I have found that the more you can flex your thinking into areas outside of your chosen field, the more ideas you can learn to apply to your own situation.

My interests are wide ranging: Productivity, the human mind, communication, entrepreneurship, decision making, marketing, sales, project management, value creation, negotiation, management, history, leadership, analysis, statistics, corporate strategy, and personal development.

If these topics sound like the “new talent leader” of the future, then you are in the right place. Joining the Book Club will get you there faster!

Share Your Thoughts
with the Community

It’s not only about my recommendations. I want to hear from you too. Everyone reads and absorbs information differently. I may have overlooked a great idea or view the learning differently. If you have read the book as well I encourage you to provide your insights and give your own rating. I also would appreciate you submitting books you have read that have impacted you personally.

The Book Club’s mission is simple: Create a vast online library of the best books readily accessible for talent leaders whether you work in HR, as a Line Manager, or an Executive. In doing so, you will grow, I will grow, and the community will grow collectively.

I believe one of the single best investments you can make is your personal development. Why? It’s simple: knowledge is power.

Join me on this journey and I hope to see
you in the Book Club soon.

Good reading and ENJOY!

Here at Rutherford Group our love of books is strong. All of us are avid readers and see books as windows to the world.

Supporting the cause of global childhood literacy is very important to me. As a kid, I found such great joy in books. Reading and learning literally changed my life.

But not every child has the good fortune to live in an environment that supports its literacy needs. Poverty, a lack of resources, or limited education opportunities all contribute to over 750 million illiterate people globally.

Teaching kids the value of books and how to read well is not expensive, but it is life-altering. It is a gift that keeps on giving long after we are gone.

If you’re interested and able to contribute to a literacy foundation, here are two that I personally support.
They are currently helping change the world as we speak.

An organization founded to combat the 20% global illiteracy rate, World Literacy Foundation uses research and advocacy to improve literacy in communities around the world. Current projects include eradicating illiteracy across 25 countries, including Australia, the U.S., and others in Africa and Latin America. You can help fight the good fight by volunteering or donating to one of three charities: North America, United Kingdom and Europe, or World Literacy Foundation.

Reading Is Fundamental has recognized a national literacy crisis in America which it is committed to creating a more literate country. They work hand-in-hand with book publishers, distributors, schools, community centers, health clinics, migrant camps, and homeless shelters to provide kids in need with books and other important reading resources they couldn’t otherwise have access too. If you’re interested in helping them meet their goal of a completely literate America, you can donate online, by mail, or by phone.

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